BarcodeScanner crashes expoclient

Hello there,

I am working on app which works around barcodescanner.
Sometimes during testing I am scanning from 1 barcode to even 100(!!) barcodes, because it is how it will work on production.

I am using middleware screen which will appear right after BarcodeScanner scanned barcode(so it won’t scan nonstop), after that barcode is being processed to API, and depending on response, app keeps moving.

Problem is: barcode scanner crashes the expo client. Have seen it mostly on android devices, and couple times on iPhone.

Anyone else faced this problem?

I have several probable reasons(just guessing) of it:

  1. Memory leak (not really sure)
  2. BarcodeScanner bug
  3. Something wrong on android devices and I need native code snippet(plz no)

Will appreciate any help.

exposdk: v32
react: v16.5.0
expo-cli: v2.14

Hey @papaion01,

This issue thread might be applicable here.


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