BackgroundFetch frequency/interval on Android

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 41.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I’ve built an app which periodically checks (for my country) if there are leftover vaccines at a GP near you that are about to be thrown away, and sends notifications if any vaccines are available.

It’s a pretty time critical applications, as it’s on a first come first serve basis. I used expo background fetch to check a URL in the background if vaccines are available. However, it seems the background fetch frequency/interval is a little slow and inconsistent. Sometimes it fetches only when I open the app to the foreground, and sometime checks more consistently and frequently when the device is plugged in.

I realise that the minimumInterval parameter doesn’t actually set the frequency interval. Is there anyone that would know a solution to this problem, or would I have to change the architecture of the app for it to use a server of some sort?

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