Background location issue with iOS

SDK Version: latest
Platforms: iOS

I’m using a bare React Native app, I’m able to start the task and receive updates in the foreground. Once the app is moved to the background, it runs for ~1 minute, then stops retrieving location data. When running in Xcode, I receive an error ‘Terminated due to signal 9’.

Relevant code

      await Location.startLocationUpdatesAsync('background-location', {
        accuracy: Location.Accuracy.Highest,
        timeInterval: 5000,
        distanceInterval: 0,
TaskManager.defineTask('background-location', async ({ data, error }) => {
  var id = await AsyncStorage.getItem('id');
  console.log('id: ', id);

  if (id === '')

  console.log('Retrieving Location');
  if (error) {
    // Error occurred - check `error.message` for more details.
  if (data) {
    const { locations } = data;
    await AsyncStorage.setItem('location', JSON.stringify(locations[0]));

    // lat is locations[0].coords.latitude & long is locations[0].coords.longitude

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