Background Fetch Limitations

What are the limitations of background fetch? The react-native-background-fetch package limits tasks to once every 15 minutes for example, but I don’t see mention of this limitation in the Expo docs. Did Expo find a way around this?

I see that Expo only supports iOS at this time, what is the recommended solution for Android? Can TaskManager still be used to do this? Or is it best to detach and use JobScheduler?

Hi @elie!

There isn’t a static value for the lower limit, as it changes depending on device and other variables (read here for a good explanation).
To give you an idea, the example on our Task Manager docs page sets accuracy: Location.Accuracy.Balanced, and this results in updates about every second, if movement is significant enough.

Thanks. I’m more interested in downloading a large number of images in the background. And it’s not clear the users will be moving around much although I could look at that if it’s the only way.

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