Back up keystore when upgrading SDK 34 to 37?

Hi you all,
Recently I upgraded SDK from 34 to 37. Before I build a bundle with command “expo build android -c”, expo required me upload keystore and I was fine, but now I still use that command and expo warning on the terminal that “Your Keystore will be backed up to your current directory if you continue.”.

I already store my keystore and I do not understand why that?
Thanks all.

@wkozyra please, help me.

-c option means --clear-credentials when you run it your current keystore is deleted from expo servers and replaced with new one. Because losing original keystore can have serious consequences we are backing it up to local directory and printing passwords to termianal.

But I have backed up keystore on my directory location in sdk 33.
Every time I upgrade sdk I have to fetch keystore to backup the keystore?

no, just stop adding -c flag

When I do not use -c flag for 2 bundle .apk and .aab. Both them are upload failed and google console notify like this "You uploaded an APK that wasn’t signed with an upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. ". What should I do?

If you have the original Keystore (the one that was used for the first upload), run expo build:android -c and specify it. You can remove files that will be backed up to your project dir(that keystore is invalid).

if you don’t have that keystore you will need to run expo fetch:android:upload-cert and send resulting .pem file to play store support to reset your keystore.

It mean the first keystore for upload is valid. Files that will backed up to my project dir for the next times is invalid when I run command “expo build:android -c” ?

Thank you very much, I released my app successful

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