azure b2c authentication

has someone authenticated their app using azure b2c authentication. here is what I am thinking:

  1. Register an application in an azure b2c tenant
  2. My mobile app will let users sign in using the application in b2c tenant
  3. b2c tenant will have other social providers like FB, google, etc. configured.
  4. When users sign in I will be able to let them sign in using any of the external providers.that way my code in the app to signing will just use the application registered in b2c tenant.

does that make sense?

I’m not sure about all the particulars of Azure B2C, but I saw Oauth2/ OpenID Connect on there, so I’m assuming it must be compatible with typical single-sign-on scenarios that use these protocols. All the social providers work like that. Setting your app up as an SSO client is pretty straightforward; we’ve successfully gotten our app to integrate with several SSO providers. I recommend starting with the docs for AuthSession (, especially if you’re building a Managed app. With Bare workflow, you may prefer the WebBrowser.openAuthSessionAsync() in WebBrowser ( At the end of the day, regardless of the SSO provider, you’re opening a browser to a login page, and then waiting for the page to redirect back to your app with an authorization code, and then you’re exchanging that code for something else to complete the sign-in.