Ayup - On Demand Meet Ups

Hi everyone, 8 months ago I quit my job to build Ayup. Thanks to the awesomeness of the Expo platform and community, I’m now releasing the beta. I’d love to hear what you all think. You can find it at https://exp.host/@mmoravec/ayup-ejs or a simple site at www.ayup.events

Ayup is everything I have always wished meetup.com could do. I moved to San Francisco 2 and 1/2 years ago and have never looked back. However I had a really hard time finding things to do when I first got to the city. I have always loved sports and recreation. The app is focused on activites that are casual, fun, and can be organized very quickly. I now use the app to coordinate events with my friends as its a lot less painless than creating Facebook events.


  • Blazing fast map searching for events
  • Facebook friends and contacts book automagically added
  • Simple and powerful interface
  • Fun design
  • Facebook login - will work a lot better when i move to a standalone app :slight_smile:

I’d really love to keep working on this project instead of joining a large company again. Help me make it awesome! There is a feedback form in the settings tab of the app, or reply to this thread. Thanks!


This looks great! Congrats on launching a beta.

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well done! small nit on the splash screen – it looks like the image could be moved down slightly to compensate for status bar background

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Thanks Brent! Will update.

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Awesome @mmoravec. Looking so slick!

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This is awesome Matt! Congrats on the release!

I just took a look and it looks really great! Just wondering, what are you using for the back-end? I’m really excited about Firebase these days.

By the way, I actually just moved to SF too! Used to be in NY and was previously doing Front-end @ Songkick. I’m doing a lot of Product work these days, but I’ve also been wanting to build a mobile app. Know React/Redux pretty well too. Would be awesome to meet up sometime. Feel free to connect https://linkedin.com/in/cameronroe

Great job getting things off the ground. Would love to hear how it progresses.