axios post in expo (react native) results in Network Error, works in android but error on ios only

Problem: Tring to call backend api using axios in expo ios results in “Error: Network Error”, same code works in android simulator.

try {
      const result = await"" +'/send', data);

    } catch (error) {
      console.log("error is-->", error);

background: in godaddy) has wordpress which is hosted in godaddy iteself. godaddy ssl is used and on .htaccess in wordpress site redirect from http to https is used.

on itself dns is used where i have A record for subdomain which points to droplet in digital ocean.

So, at the moment same “” along with body params works while tested with postman, but does not works with ios(again it also works with android).

any help for this “network error” is appreciated.