Automatic signing disbled in iOS builds

  • Managed workflow
  • eas-cli@0.37.0

Hello, I’m using the onesignal-expo-plugin and, like others, have hit the following error in EAS:

error: No profiles for 'com.MYPROJECT.www.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching 'com.MYPROJECT.www.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension'. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild. (in target 'OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension' from project 'MYPROJECT')

There is an open Github issue for the problem listed on the plugin’s repo, here:

However, the problem seems to be that EAS is disabling automatic signing and is unable to create provisioning profiles without the --allowProvisioningUpdates flag.

Other users of the plugin seem to be working around the issue by using local credentials and manually creating a new identifier and provisioning profile for the notification service.

I will likely follow their lead in order to get my app working in the short term, but…

Is there any way to enable automatic signing and provisioning profile creation through EAS? I would strongly prefer that EAS manage our credentials, as I have a team of people who all need the ability to create and sign new builds.


eas-cli will generate credentials for all targets in bare projects, but if you are on managed we have no way of knowing before build start what xcode targets will exist after.

There is currently no good way to manage those credentials via expo, but you could eject, run build (that will also generate credentials for you), download credentials to credentials.json, revert eject but keep credentials.json
Or you could eject(you can still use most of the expo and eas functionality with a bare project)

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Okay, got it. Not a simple thing!

Could there maybe be a way for someone to manually upload a provisioning profile, to the Credentials section in the portal?

I manually created a bundle id and provisioning profile for OneSignal in the apple dev poral, and rather than using local credentials, it would be cool if I could manually update the info once in the expo portal rather than distributing it to my team.

Not currently, but support for multiple targets in managed projects is sth we plan to eventually do.

Okay, cool, thanks!

I was able to build for multiple targets without ejecting. Just had to use local credentials for now, following the steps others had posted in the github link above.

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