AuthSession.startAsync not working on android device after detach

I have created my app using create-react-native-app. I have integrated social authentication using Expo AuthSession.startAsync method. Then I detached my app to expo kit. After that AuthSession.startAsync is not working in android devices. It re-opens the app after authenticating the request. But it works fine for iOS.

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hi there! please share a mcve ( so we can help you. not much one can do without a repro case :wink:

Hi, I was integrated twitter login using AuthSession.startAsync(). I was tested in android emulator, then a web browser opened and did the login action after that redirect back to my app. But in my case the redirect is not working properly. It will re-open the app twice(including the current opened one) instead of redirect back to the current screen of opened app. I am using AuthSession.getRedirectUrl() as my redirect url. But in iOS, it will redirect back to the current screen of my app…

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Observing the exact same behavior. Android emulated or device fails to redirect properly to the already opened session of the app.

This may also be helpful: I’m seeing the second session of the app on the device opens with completely different params.

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