AuthSession.startAsync login required

Just recently I’m starting to get an error after logging in using AuthSession.startAsync with auth0. Any ideas?


    "type": "success",
    "params": {
        "exp://": "",
        "error": "login_required",
        "error_description": "Login required"
    "url": "exp://"
  static login() {
    // Retrieve the redirect URL, add this to the callback URL list
    // of your Auth0 application.
    const redirectUrl = AuthSession.getRedirectUrl();
    console.log(`Redirect URL: ${redirectUrl}`);

    // Structure the auth parameters and URL
    const queryParams = toQueryString({
      client_id: auth0ClientId,
      redirect_uri: redirectUrl,
      response_type: 'id_token', // id_token will return a JWT token
      scope: 'openid profile', // retrieve the user's profile
      nonce: 'nonce', // ideally, this will be a random value
      prompt: 'none',
    const authUrl = `${auth0Domain}/authorize` + queryParams;

    // Perform the authentication
    return AuthSession.startAsync({ authUrl });

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