AuthSession redirect_uri in production on a detached app

I’m using a detached expo app - expo 25, testing on Iphone 6s. I’m using auth0 as my authentication provider. I’m using the AuthSession module in expo to connect to auth0. This flow works brilliantly in development. In production, since I’m now outside of the expo client - how can I define my redirect_url in my AuthSession.startAsync options. While in development, I relied on AuthSession.getRedirectUrl() to get my redirect url. In production - after I authenticate through auth0, it prompts me to open expo (since my redirect url still points to expo). I added a scheme property in the app.json, but not entirely sure how to use this. Firstly, the docs suggest to add a scheme property to the root json object in App.json. But I noticed, I have a detach key in my App.json and it has its own scheme property. Should I define my scheme within detach, or @ the root level? Additionally, In my redirect_uri, do i just define it as schemaname://{whatgoeshere???}. I’m a little unsure as to how to get this working in production on a detached app. Any guidance would be appreciated as always.


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