AuthSession: is it possible to remove alert and confirmation when using AuthSession?

I would like to remove AuthSession alert (“Expo” wants to use to sign in") and also remove next step with confirmation to sign in into another service. I think it should be optional as I give user clear button with info about auth with different service.

Hey there @daraselia - thanks for posting. Unfortunately, I believe that the alerts you’re referring to are OS level and are just part of the flow for allowing apps to use external authentication, so Expo has no control over them. You’ll just need to design around them, but at least they will be familiar to users. Sorry we can’t be of more help!

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An option here is to use WebBrowser directly for now to bypass this AuthSession alert thing. In the future we may explore SFSafariViewController instead of SFAuthenticationSessions.

If you want to do things in a certain way, I would take the request to where we are actually making pretty good progress on the things users want the most.

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