Auido Loop not working

Need some help with expo audio setIsLoopingAsync. it works but it skips part of the audio track after the 1st loop. so let’s say i have a loop of a kick drum. It has 8 hits in the loop. when it loops it only plays 7 of them.

hey @shinedark, what is your platform (ie) ios/android, and are you playing the audio on a real device, or on a simulator? We arent sure what the root cause here is, but if you could write the simplest implementation possible to reporoduce the issue and post it on , that would be awesome.

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Hey so I tried both iOS simulator and iPhone.

I’ll make a dummy repo to recreate the issue and posted in the link you send. Thanks

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here is the issue i posted in the link you gave me it has the code and a repo link in case you want to test the issue

thanks Shine