Audio Streaming Support in expo-av and Best Practices for Using URL Source with S3

  1. SDK Version: latest
  2. Platforms: Android/iOS

Currently working on a cross platform mobile app. One functionality will be listening to playlists of audio clips (around 5 to 10 clips per playlist, each about 2-10 minutes long). I was wondering if the expo-av library supports audio streaming? That is, downloading the audio files chunk by chunk instead of all at once. The isBuffering field within the playbackStatus object makes me think yes, but I couldn’t find anything in the documentation that states it directly so looking for a yes or no answer here :slight_smile:

Unrelatedly, when creating a sound object, a url is a possible source. Is it bad practice to use a url pointing to an s3 object in a bucket since the bucket has to be completely public in order to be readable like that?

Thanks so much in advance!

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