Audio not saved in iOS gallery


We are using Expo SDK for recording an audio and then recordingInstance.getURI() for getting the file uri.

After that, we’d like to save the audio in the phone’s media. For that we’re running

    const asset = await MediaLibrary.createAssetAsync(fileUri);
    MediaLibrary.createAlbumAsync(album_name, asset, false);

per the docs.

It works on Android, but on iOS we get this message: “This file type is not supported yet”. We have tried different types of files. How can we get this to work?

Guil from Tablecloth

Hey @guilhermesad,

What is the audo file type that is returned? Also, what SDK version are you running?


Hi @adamjnav,

I’ve tried .wav, .caf and .m4a. I’m using SDK 32.0.0.

Thank you,

Hi @adamjnav,

Any help on this?

Thank you,

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