Audio, best option to record in mp3 (android)

Im trying to use the Audio recording, which is currently working.

My current problem is with the Recording options. I need to record in mp3 format, which of the outputFormat and audioEncoder are the best for mp3 format? (for outputFormat and audioEncoder)

Currently I’m using:

const quality: RecordingOptions = {
            android: {
                extension: '.mp3',
                sampleRate: 44100,
                numberOfChannels: 2,
                bitRate: 128000,
            ios: {
                extension: '.caf',
                audioQuality: RECORDING_OPTION_IOS_AUDIO_QUALITY_MAX,
                sampleRate: 44100,
                numberOfChannels: 2,
                bitRate: 128000,
                linearPCMBitDepth: 16,
                linearPCMIsBigEndian: false,
                linearPCMIsFloat: false,


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