Attempt to invoke virtual method android.view.View.getId()

On Expo 32, production, a user (using Android 8.0) is reporting:
“Attempt to invoke virtual method android.view.View.getId() on a null reference”

The same user is also reporting that any time a modal is opened, the app crashes.

Previous app version (which did not use Expo 32), did not have this issue.

I cannot reproduce the issue however.

Does anyone else face this issue?

Hey @saeho,

I haven’t seen any other reports of this. Do you know the device model that the affected user has? Also, what SDK version was the previous app version running?



She is using “Samsung Edge”, the “first one (Edge)” she says.
She’s using Android 8.0.

I tested using Moto Z Play, also on Android 8.0. I didn’t see any issues.

Last SDK version previous app was using is the one before 32, I believe 31.

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