Associated domain is always <string>*</string>

  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I’m trying to implement Universal Links. I have the apple-app-site-association file working (the validator works), but I’m having problems with the .ipa.

In app.json under expo.ios.associatedDomains I have ["", ""].

After building with expo build:ios --clear-provisioning-profile, I uploaded to Testflight using transporter, but universal links don’t work.

Upon inspecting the generated .ipa I found that
Running codesign -d --entitlements :- "Payload/" returns:


However, inspecting "Payload/", under the Entitlements` tag I find:


I don’t know how to change it, or if it is a problem with the build process. Please help :3


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