Assets missing from production js bundle [android]


I have an expo app that’s been working great. I recently ejected so that I can get some In App Purchases happening (bites nails). I’m pretty new to app development in general, but I’ve been around Visual Studio .NET and java before, and I’m a web developer by trade.

I ejected, installed pods, and managed to get Android Studio and Xcode configured well enough to do some builds and testing in the Simu/Emu-lators.

Now, as I understand, expo start needs to be running in order to serve the JS bundles for the Android Studio / Xcode “Run” processes to attach to.


When expo is serving the Development Mode bundles, my app runs beautifully. But when it’s serving the Production Mode bundles (after expo publish), the app can’t display it’s fonts or images. For instance this never resolves:

      'Roboto': require('native-base/Fonts/Roboto.ttf'),
      'Roboto_medium': require('native-base/Fonts/Roboto_medium.ttf'),

Sentry catches this from my Android build:

Font.loadAsync unexpected exception: Font asset not found asset_54a91b0619ccf9373d525109268219dc.ttf


Ahh. Fixed: