Assets, error/warning banners, and react-devtools broke


So my problem is that suddenly my bundled assets, the red/yellow error/warning banners, and react-devtools all stopped working in development. My app still works fine once published and builds perfectly otherwise, but locally serving it via expo start is now missing these 3 things which makes development quite difficult.

This has happened once or twice before and then mysteriously resolved itself at some point (perhaps when I updated the expo sdk?).

This may have been triggered when merging git branches together.

Is there anyway to repair the underlying files or troubleshoot what could be going wrong?

Hey @sal,

This is occurring in a project that was ejected to ExpoKit, correct? What SDK are you using?

And I suppose it’s possible that something may have inadvertently been changed in the package.json file at some point when merging git branches. Could you provide some more details on what you’re changing when this issue occurs/goes away?


Thanks @charliecruzan.

Well I feel silly, I just turned off “Production Mode” in the localhost:19002 dashboard and rebuilt the app through Xcode, and it’s resolved… :sweat_smile:

This is an ejected ExpoKit project, using SDK 31.0.0, but it seems Production Mode was my problem. Thanks for your time!