Aside from Branch, Expo has no attribution tools?

I think everyone can agree that install attribution is paramount for proper marketing, given that, it is a bit strange that Expo provides no ways to attribute installs effectively.

The closest it ever comes is Branch; however, two years later, that’s still in alpha, uses an old version of the Branch API, and it’s not available on Android which makes it unusable for anyone with a cross-platform app.

A simple fix would be to provide access to the IDFA/GAID, but for some reason, the Expo team doesn’t think this is a “secure” option.

My question is, is there anything, besides ejecting the app, that we can do to get that basic functionality? Is there anything that we as a community can do to help? My team is perfectly willing to contribute some work to the Expo project to make this happen because we feel that you guys are doing a stellar job with this product and giving back feels like the least we can do.

We are currently investigating Tapstream as an option; however, once again, we are blocked by the lack of access to IDFA/GAID and unable to proceed with this vital portion of the app.

Any response to this will be beneficial. Thanks!

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Our team also needs this and we would also be ready to contribute if we had some feedback from Expo on what would considered an acceptable PR regarding this matter.

@dtinkov I created a feature request on Canny : please upvote !

We are also looking to see if Segment could serve our purpose : have you considered this option? If it doesn’t work for you, I’d love if you could share why.

I’m in the same boat and now struggling to upgrade to SDK33 and still be able to use Branch on android, (was using building locally with old turtle-cli solution). Has anyone looked at Amplitude? Seems to be another event tracking service supported by Expo

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