AR module instantly crashes in production


I’ve developed a simple AR app for iOS. It works well in development, but in production the AR code crashes immediately, with this error:

TypeError: this._nativeModule.addListener is not a function. (In 'this._nativeModule.addListener(t)', 'this._nativeModule.addListener' is undefined)

The error is coming from this.anchorsDidUpdate = AR.onAnchorsDidUpdate(.

I read here that the AR module only works in production in ejected apps, but the docs don’t say anything about that - is it still the case? Seems like quite a big omission from the docs that it won’t work in production unless you eject.

Thanks for your help!

Hmmm, I’ve tried ejecting it to ExpoKit, but now I see that same error in development (not just production). Any ideas?

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