Apple universal links not working on Testflight

I can’t get universal links to work on Testflight, even though the Apple forums suggest it should.

Here is my AASA file:

  "applinks": {
    "apps": [],
    "details": [

I’ve validated this using this validator.
I’ve also used this validator, which returns this error message:

Action required
Could not extract required information for Universal Links. Learn how to implement the recommended Universal Links.
Error no apps with domain entitlements The entitlement data used to verify deep link dual authentication is from the current released version of your app. This data may take 48 hours to update.

Here is the relevant app.json configuration (under ios):

 "associatedDomains": ["", ""]

The entitlements have been set on the developer portal and I started over with a new provisioning profile (and certificate and key). I built the IPA with -c option.

I used this guide to check the entitlements on the IPA. The info.plist includes this:


And the provisioning profile contains this:

        <...other stuff here>

I’ve verified that when installing from Testflight, it never makes a call to my website to retrieve the AASA file, so I assume something is amiss with the IPA.

The device logs keep showing this when I install the app

Get info for service 'NULL', app ID '', domain '(null)...'
Trying add of app ID '' for get info|
### Add service 'NULL', app ID '', domain 'NULL' failed: -6727/0xFFFFE5B9 kNotFoundErr|

What am I missing?!?! For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this isn’t working.


Found the solution, for those experiencing something similar. This is actually an IOS bug and happens intermittently when installing an app. To fix, try uninstalling, then power cycling the phone, then re-installing. I tried multiple times to simply uninstall and then re-install, to no avail. You need to power cycle the phone.


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