Apple Store Connect + exp build:ios


First off thank you for Expo as it has been a massive help with getting our first react native app done. Currently, we are stuck at the build stage. My company has an Apple Developer Program account. Knowing this, which account should I be using to start a build? Whilst I have an “App Manager” role, do I need to be Team Admin to kick off a exp build:ios command?

Also, I did attempt to purchase a company developer license but was denied due to the organization already having a Developer account.

You can just try what you have and see if build succeeded :slight_smile: There is nothing to worry about.


Thanks for reply. Unfortunately after further digging and replies from Apple Developer Support, it seems that I have been provided with wrong information/accounts by my IT folks. App Store account and Developer program accounts are different. Therefore, although I have been assigned as a developer in the App Store account it means nothing. I am trying to work with IT to resolve this but I will definitely update here once I succeed, incase anyone else runs into this.

At this time however I cannot submit any builds to Expo without a paid developer account. Currently I am trying to get my hands on that via the company account.

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