Apple says our APNS Push Certificate is expiring soon. How do I renew from the CLI?

How do I renew my Apple Push Certificate for my Expo app? It’s a standalone app, but we let Expo handle all the certificates. Does it happen as a part of the expo build:ios command? I’ve read multiple Forums but it isn’t exactly clear. The expo build:ios -c seems to clear the existing certificates, but after reading other forums, it has caused issues with Expo users in that it disables their push notification ability.

Hey @first-io,

If you clear the credentials with the -c flag, generate new ones and upload them you shouldn’t see any issues with notifications being disabled.



Hey @adamjnav !

Thanks for getting back to us quickly.

Can you give me a breakdown of what commands you’re referring to when you say “generate new ones” and “upload them”? We’ve never generated the certificates on the Apple dev portal - we’ve always used the expo CLI.


Hey Jason,

So once you’ve cleared the credentials via the expo CLI, the next time you run the build command you should get this prompt again which will allow you to have Expo handle it for you again. If you want to make sure you don’t affect the production environment, pass the --no-publish flag to the build command so it doesn’t publish the current bundle when executing the command.

If you have any issues, let me know!



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