Apple Rejection - Bundle not updated?

I’ve succeffuly publish several versions of my app but my last update keep getting rejected.
They keep saying links in a modal are not responsive.
First time they were right:
The links in the modal were opening a webview (using Expo.WebBrowser) but this webview was open behind the modal (which is a known bug I believe)
I replaced it by classic link.openURL which open the browser. Still get this rejection.
Then I removed these two links but Apple said the bug were still here, sending me a screencap where the links are still visible.
I’m publishing on a specific channel (prod_1.3) and when I test it in the simulator or testfligh on a real device, I get the very last version without links. It’s like Apple didn’t get the new code on their testing device :confused:
Every time I send a new binary targeting prod_1.3, this binary works as it should on testflight and simulator, I don’t really undestand why it doesn’t for Apple… It’s really frustrating.
I’m using SDK 27.0.1
Any thought?

hmmmm… i don’t know how this could be happening. are you definitely sending them the updated binary?

@ccheever I maybe found the problem, I’m mainly working on a PC machine.
When updating the iOS app I pull my repo on a the mac machine and build the new binary using xcode.
It might be related to this pull, something maybe went wrong.
I just sent a new binary, but this time I made sure to pull the last version of my JS code, I guess it’s pre-bundled in the binary and displayed before asking for the channel version of the JS code.
This might explain why Apple keep seeing these links and not me…
I’ll keep you update if that guess was correct or not.



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Apple just validate my last update!
My guess was correct, the JS code might be pre-bundled for offline use or fast startup, so no matter if the code is updated and publish through exp publish, it has to be up to date before building the app.

Thanks for your help @ccheever.


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