Apple rejected app because ARKit is included

I submitted a new app to Apple which was rejected because my app had ARKit included even though my app does need/use ARKit. How can I remove this from my app and future submissions?

Rejection message:

  • We noticed ARKit was selected on but did not find any features. What features use ARKit?

What SDK version are you on?

  1. Should I try reverting to 21?

Same with me.

Guideline 2.3 - Performance - Accurate Metadata

We were unable to locate some of the features described in your app. Specifically, while your app does not use AR Kit, your app is enabled with AR Kit.

Next Steps

Please revise your app to ensure that these features are fully implemented or revise your app description, release notes, and screenshots to remove all references to the features.

Since your iTunes Connect status is Rejected, a new binary will be required. Make the desired metadata changes when you upload the new binary.

@felipefdl hi! When did you build your binary? I believe these issues have been resolved if you run a fresh build. Please post back if that doesn’t work though, and @ben should be able to help you. Thanks!

My binary is from “October 19, 2017 at 7:20 PM” (GMT-3).

Anyway, I will generate another, and send it to apple again.

Thanks @dikaiosune

Just an update: The apple store accepted it, with new build.

Thank you


Same here. My latest submission passed. TY!