Apple healthkit and GoogleFit

Hi Folks!
Have anyone mange to use Apple healthkit and GoogleFit in Expo app?
Or is this not possible at the moment?

You can connect to GoogleFit wholly via Oauth2, so it could work in Managed workflow; although if you wanted to connect through the native API’s you’d have to eject to Bare. HealthKit requires native code, so you would need to eject to Bare and use a library like or write your native code. We have an ejected app that connects to HealthKit, it works just fine.

*** actually our app also connects to Google Fit, as well, and that works fine, as we ll. We use the Oauth method for Google Fit.

Hey llamaluvr,
Thanks for sharing your experience with Google Fit and how we can use HealthKit we react native.
really hope Expo can support Apple HealthKit soon.

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