Appetize (or something like it) + Expo

Hi again – I asked this over on Slack, but I thought I’d bring it over here too as this may be a better place to ask questions…

Is it possible to share your expo app (not detatched) on a platform like I know snack integrates with it, but is there a way to upload a full app built with the XDE to some such platform? Would be awesome for demoing in purposes. Any advice would be much appreciated!


You don’t need Appetize or anything of the sort. The Expo Client apps on iOS and Android allow you to demo your projects. Just have your desired users download the app and send them the link via XDE.

Right, but appetize allows you to demo on the browser (for instance, the way React Native demos components here: Using a ScrollView · React Native). No comparable functionality?

There’s no theoretical reason you can’t use Expo with Appetize.

In practice, there are some tricky things about it and some ways to work around them.

  1. You can use Appetize with Snack. If your code can fit in a Snack, this is probably the easiest way to test stuff in the browser.

You might be able to hack that app on appetize and get it to run your regular Expo app.

  1. We’ve thought about making an Appetize preview available from pages like this on desktop: but many things don’t work well in the simulator and Appetize isn’t free so we thought it would be better for people to open stuff on their phones. We may add this at some point though.

  2. The simplest way for you to put something on Appetize right now might be to eject and then make your own simulator build from that project that you can then upload to Appetize.

This might take a little bit of time and be a bit annoying, but if this is important to you, its probably the easiest thing in the current state of the world.

If you use something like git, you could do the ejection in a branch so that you don’t have to actually eject and can keep developing using regular Expo.

We’ll likely add something where you can get other kinds of builds from our standalone app building service soon, but we just haven’t had time yet. You could upload those to Appetize once we have that, but we don’t have it yet.

@ccheever, thanks, ejection sounds like the best approach for me ATM. Good practice for XCode anyways.

I think you just have to upload your apk or ios simulator build to and then there you go. I did this a couple of days ago, no ejection needed.

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Yeah, we just added simulator builds recently!

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Hi, I have a native iPad app, and our end users would also like to use it using their desktop/browser. Does anyone know if it´s possible? That the users will be using the native app on an iPad (as ususal) but also in their web browser “through” appetize?

Does anybody knows is it possible to use appetize parameters (for iOS ) inside expo app.
They set the parameters in NSDefaults