Appearance.addChangeListener intermittently gives flip-flops on open

SDK 39 Managed - React Native Appearance 0.3.4 from “GitHub - expo/react-native-appearance: Access operating system appearance information (currently only light/dark mode) on iOS, Android, and web

On both my iOS Simulator, Standalone iOS, and even on Standalone Android, once in a while when I switch back to my app from another app (like Facebook, Google, doesn’t matter), the Appearance.addChangeListener will churn out “light” and then “dark” again (my phone is in dark mode).

I cannot consistently reproduce it, but it’s extremely annoying when it does happen. It flips for myabe one render frame and then switches back, but causes the whole UI to flicker light back to the dark.

Has anybody experience anything like this?

Oh awesome…so I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

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