AppAuth and AzureAD


I am trying to implement implicit flow for Azure AD with AppAuth and have similar issue as in this topic.

My problem is that authAsync seems to die silently. I get prompt to login and can go through login flow, but authAsync never executes code after await. I run following code (with correct tenant/clientid ofc) in Expo app:

async loginFunction() {
    const config = {
      issuer: '<tenant>/v2.0',
      clientId: '<clientid>',
      redirectUrl: "exp://host.exp.exponent",
      scopes: ["offline_access", "Calendar.Read","Calendar.ReadWrite", "User.Read", "User.ReadBasic.All"],
    const tokenResponse = await AppAuth.authAsync(config);
    //never gets here

Is it an issue with RedirectURI?

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