app works on dev but don't in build

Hello, I have an application that works correctly when I use the android studio emulator and when I use it with expo and cell phone, but when I do the build I get to the part that entered with username and password and works with firebase, it comes in, loads a screen and remains blank (I do exactly the same in local and it works). and I can not imagine what the problem is.

Hey @demiantriebl,

Can you try adding the --no-dev and --minifyflags to yourexpo startcommand so that it replicates the environment that is used in production? Another good idea would be to check device logs by connecting your Android device and usingadb logcat` to gain more insight.



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I ran the command expo start --no-dev and it continues to work perfectly, there is no case, I can not do it with the compiled apk, I use expo build: android and I do all the expo work, do I need something else? will it be a problem of the app.json?
I have this line, do you want this?

“android”: {
“package”: “com.kraken.hidroponia”


How can I see the log of what happens on my cell phone?

I see the entry screen, also less than a second the navigation, then it is all white

Connect your device via usb and enable debugging on the device and then start your project in Android Studio.

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