App works in dev mode, white screen when build to testflight

Hi all

My app works in dev mode in the simulator, as well as on an ios device when running locally, but when I build and upload to testflight, the app opens, I can see the login screen, but after I submit the login form it goes to a white screen.

I’ve tried sdk version 27 as well as 25, same results. I’m using react-router-native (in case that matters, I’ve seen some posts suggesting errors due to react-navigation, but I’m not using that).

So far I’ve uploaded about 10 attempts trying to get it to run, but I’m just stabbing in the dark… how can I debug this? Is it correct that I have to use testflight in order to share development builds?

Yes, testflight is the best way to share your builds.

Try running with production settings (under the gear icon in XDE, or --no-dev --minify for exp) and see if you get the same behaviour.


That did it… ran with --no-dev and --minify allowed me to see the error
(something to do with babel)

thanks for the help thetc

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