App working in development but not in published state

Hi guys.

I’m building an app using firebase. My app is functioning fine in my development environment using the expo XDE. However when I publish it to the app store it is crashing for some reason. Is there any way I can generate a crash report via expo?

export const saveProfile = (data) => {

    return (dispatch) => {
        dispatch({type: SAVE_PROFILE});
        curUser = firebase.auth().currentUser.uid;
        docRef = firebase.firestore().doc("users/" + curUser);
        docRef.set( data , { merge: true })
        .then(() => {
            dispatch({type: SAVE_PROFILE_SUCCESS});
            alert('User profile updated successfully', '' , {text: 'OK'});
        .catch(() => {
            dispatch({type: SAVE_PROFILE_FAIL});
            alert('Please try again','', {text: 'OK'});

That’s the code I’m using. I just pass an object as data and then want to merge it with the uid document of my users collection.
This works on local development and I see the alert message to which I can dismiss and carry on. However in it’s published state, I don’t see this at all. I press my save button which sends the above action but it instantly crashing upon pressing the button

Anyone have any ideas what could possibly be causing this behaviour?

can you share your published app expo URL here?

To debug this, run “exp start --no-dev --minify” and it will emulate the published state

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the thing you probably want to setup to track crashes is sentry.

here are some instructions on how to get it setup with your app.

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Wow wasn’t expecting such quick responses.

@ccheever Thanks for your suggestion of sentry. This looks like what I was looking to implement to track any future problems

@bacon Thanks man, this is definitely the commands I needed. However I’m still not seeing anything when the app crashes. It essentially just reloads the whole app with no logs or anything. Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks again guys

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Thanks I’ve fixed it.

I’d left curly braces inside of the parameters of my onButtonPress function. I’d left them there when I’d removed an object literal I was passing.

function ({}) {

For some reason, In development mode, the function executes no problem. However in a non development state, the app crashes. The error only shows when I set up the environment that @bacon suggested.

I’ve since removed the braces I forgot about and the app runs perfectly. Thanks again

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