App Thinning failed, denied from App Store Connect

Just had an app denied on App Store Connect because thinning failed. First time this has ever happened to me, I only made minor UI changes from my build that passed a few hours ago. Will be resubmitting again and then if that fails, resubmitting a build that has already passed, and if I don’t get anything to work I will add a comment here. Using eas build most up to date version.

Can you try disabling bitcode Apps created with "expo build:ios" are rejected from submission with an app thinning error · Issue #4253 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub ?

Or by updating xcode version e.g. by specifying image: latest in eas.json build a profile.

Hi, I literally just incremented my build number, uploaded again, and it worked. Must have been a one-off thing.

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