App sudently not working: AppRegistry is not a registered

An app that was working on all my client Cellphone is suddenly not working on IOS the app freeze at the splash screen. On Android all work fine but not on ios I try to rollback to another version all same problem.The app work perfectly with npm start This is an urgent matter I’m losing the customer!
The error is AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling run Application)

Status code 2

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Hi @monsieurpetion - sorry to hear that you’re in a stressful situation. Unfortunately the AppRegistry error is not a useful one and doesn’t really tell us anything about what’s going on. Are you able to reproduce this error on your own device? If so, it might be helpful to try some of the steps listed in the last comment on this thread: . Otherwise, if you remember the last few changes you made in the project before starting to see this error, you can try reverting those. Best of luck!

I found the problem By going in production mode the exp debuger told me a function was deprecated .You can close the ticket thank you

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Glad you got it resolved @monsieurpetion! Hopefully your users were understanding.

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