App suddenly going blank for no apparent reason

The Expo app suddenly goes blank and stops working for no apparent reason, without showing any errors or logging anything. It happens all the time since I started using it and it’s extremely frustrating. It’s the same when I try to test the app in the Appetize preview, and it is absolutely impossible to load any Android emulator on my PC. Any idea why this is happening?

I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I was also never able to use the Expo XDE for Windows for the same reason (it goes blank without logging anything).

Howdy, can you give some more details? Like what version of the SDK are you on? And the app on iOS or Android?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m running on an Android Marshmallow, and if I
understand the app.json file, the SDK is 23.0.0. Would it be useful to show
you the code?

Sure, if you don’t mind. Is it just this code? What about the default code that comes in a default new expo project?

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The problem doesn’t appear with the default code, it happens when I add
more complexity. Here’s the link:

Thanks for your quick reply!

You have a circular dependency between App.js and Lesson.js


Hi again. I will try to solve that. However, it still happened this
morning, before I started using navigation on the Lesson file. Can you see
anything else that could be causing problems?

I fixed a couple more bugs: I would recommend you preload the fonts before you show load the experience.

Thank you! Was the loading of the fonts causing all that problem? I had
never thought of that.

Nope there were a few problems, but @thetc was correct.:fire: You were importing App into Lesson, and Lesson into App… This created an infinite recursive loop :scream: known as a “circular dependency” :sweat_smile:

The fonts were also breaking the app because you were using them before they were loaded. I added a state and waited until they were done loading, then I loaded the view!