App stalls on Splash Screen in Test Flight

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 34.0.4
  2. Platforms(ios/android/both): iPhone XR

When I submit my app to test flight, the new builds stall on the splash screen and provide no explanation or error. When I run expo on dev mode, or “–no-dev --minify” it works perfectly fine. Occasionally, it will hang on 100% on expo, but a refresh fixes that.

Is this problem happening for anyone else?


See if the comments on this issue help:

App is stuck on splash screen when opening it in Testflight #5440

nikasvan commented 16 days ago

Issues is fixed and everything is working fine. I disabled splash screen and exact error cause was shown, which I fixed it.
BTW it was a deep linking problem.

The following might also help to find the problem:

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