App signing: compare Google against local against Expo servers

Hi all,

we’ve been messing about with app signing for Android. The process as described here doesn’t work as expected and now we have no clue what the actual status of our app has become.

It seems that:

  • Version 0.1 of our app uses our old, original keystore
  • Version 0.2 of our app is signed using something new, because manual install complains that it can’t find the developer, which suggests a new keystore
  • Google Play has choked on the 0.2 upload and still shows v0.1 of our app (beta)
  • Expo servers… No clue.

How do we compare

  1. The certificates from Google AppSigning page, against
  2. The data on Expo servers, against
  3. Our old keystore, against
  4. The new _private_sign_key / _sign.jks.bak / _upload.jks.tmp / _upload_cert.pem

How can I make sure that each and every one is the same? Or, to rephrase: I know at least one is different, but now I have to find out which one and how to recover.

I’ve tried to rerun expo opt-in-google-play-signing but that is impossible because I can’t get a new encryption key from the Play Console.

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