App shuts down, only on iOS, despite KeepAwake, no system or sentry crash log

We are making an app meant for disabled people, which means it must stay open and requires no input. This should be relatively simple, and we have enabled KeepAwake and instruct users to enable Guided Access on their devices before handing it over.

However, every couple of hours the app (including expo) closes down. We have tried debugging this for a week now, looking at system logs as well as settings up sentry, but as far as we can see the app does not crash, it is simply minimized and the user sees their home screen. Other errors encountered during development which crashes expo results in a system log but not this one.

Right now it kind of works, as long as Guided Access is enabled, since it restarts expo as it closes down. But we would really like to track down the cause of this, and have no idea where to look (since there are no crash logs for this on either the system or sentry).


Having the same issue. KeepAwake seems to work fine on Android but the iOS app with the same code closes after 3 or 4 hours with no way of tracing an error. Any help would be gratefully received!