App removed by Google Store policy updates due to Expo SDK 27 Branch IO service plugin injection

Hi everyone!

Recently I got our app removed from Google Play Store and am trying to build a new binary to remove Branch IO service plugin. Our app was originally built with Expo SDK 27 and now I have problems in building a new binary with Expo SDK 27.0.0.

Our app was detached and is not in managed workflow and in the following blog link you mentioned that we need to stay tuned and wait for the patch releases for older versions.

As I noticed from this version package info link ( I think there was no expokit npm package (I assume it was just expo npm package instead) for the SDK 27. and I think it can be done by upgrading only ExpoView packages somehow manually in Android Studio project if I would be able to get a fixed package tar.gz file.

I need to solve this problem as soon as possible because our app is already live and being used by customers.

Looking forward to your help!
Thank you

Hi @tangzy58,

Since the fix for pre-SDK 30 isn’t available yet, I suggest upgrading to SDK 30 (follow this guide), as it should be pretty straightforward. Is that an option for you?

Let me know if you run into any hiccups!

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Hi @charliecruzan,

Actually I have been trying to upgrade to 32 but I got a lots of issues in building new binary in Android Studio.
It sounds like your solution (to SDK 30) should be much easier solution for now.

Thank you!

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