App rejected for Stripe support


I recently had to eject Expo to add in-app purchases for new subscription sign ups, and got rejected for the following reasons:

“Please remove the Stripe support from your app.”

“We also noticed that your app offers a subscription with a mechanism other than the in-app purchase API.”

It seems like the Podfile is still including ‘EXPaymentsStripe’ after ejecting and there is indeed a expo-payments-stripe in node_modules.

Is this intended to be added by default? It seems like the Android implementation is done automatically and iOS is opt in according to

Expo app that ejected to ExpoKit
ExpoKit SDK 31.0.2
No usage of ExpoPayments or Stripe in JS
Published with Expo
IPA built with XCode

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I have the same issue. Review from the Apple team:

“We noticed that your app or its metadata enables the purchase of content, services, or functionality in the app by means other than the in-app purchase API, which is not appropriate for the App Store.”

expo --version

IPA built using expo build:ios

I do not use anything related to payment in the app.

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