App name has already been used

I’m trying to submit a managed app with EAS. I’ve already successfully built the app, but when I go to submit it to the app store using eas submit -p ios , I get the error:

App name "Undue" has already been used on a different account. If you have trademark rights to this name and would like it released for your use, submit a claim to Apple.

Somehow, I can’t find any documentation on this error. Obviously I can change the name field in app.json, but I want to publish an app that shows up as “Undue” on the user’s home screen. As far as I understand, there are three different “names”:

  1. The one that’s used for app store connect that must be unique (I don’t care what this name is)
  2. The one that’s displayed to users on their home screen (this needs to be just “Undue”)
  3. The one that’s listed in the app store (this can be something like “Undue - Simple Slogan”)

How can I accomplish this? The docs say that the name field in app.json is used for the home screen, so how can I publish to the app store with a unique name while still keeping the name of the app what I want? Is this even possible?