App looks fine in XDE, scaling awkwardly in TestFlight?

I’ve been using CRNA and expo to build my Android and iOS applications, which has been great so far. Thanks for the awesome toolset!

One thing that I can’t get past is the weird zoom issues I see in the TestFlight build. The app looks perfect on the simulator, but for whatever reason it seems to have a much smaller resolution on my actual devices. I thought maybe it was due to the device I was using, but I tried on an iPad and an iPad Pro (12.9). Both looked the same, even though those same devices look fine in the simulator.

I also thought that it might be the result of the UI library I was using, so I switched it out and testing a new library which had the same results.

Am I just using Testflight incorrectly or is there something basic I’m missing?

sdkVersion: “23.0.0”

TestFlight build (1x)

Just found out that the supportsTablet value needs to be set. Kind of strange that it defaults to false, but I’ve sorted this out.


Defaults to false because ipad has more stringent layout requirements since you need to be able to support multitasking.

it’s preset in all new projects so you need to delete it for it to be in that state:

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