app.json "splash" key configuration in EAS

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms: Android/web

After SDK 43 was released, page Migrating from "expo build" - Expo Documentation has following text:

Expo config splash depends on expo-splash-screen being installed

Configuring the resizeMode or positioning of the splash screen with splash (or android.splash ) in the project app.json will only work on Android if expo-splash-screen is installed in the project. Run expo install expo-splash-screen to install the library. This feature is only supported in Expo SDK +43 .

After SDK 44 was released, in release exists text:

The only remaining dependency that will be installed in all projects is expo-splash-screen

On configuration of splash in app.json page app.json / app.config.js - Expo Documentation no any words about do we need install that package or not.

There are 3 different doc pages that doesn’t match.

So… do we need expo-splash-screen package to be installed in SDK 44 for properly handle splash key of app.json or not?

Expo, are you alive or abandoned project?

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