`app.json` not work in bare workflow.

First all, Thanks for community contributors.

I want to change icon for my app, I try change icon field in app.json then run eas build for internal distribution, I install app after building but icon not change.

I try run expo run:ios change native code file in /ios then run eas build but icon still not change.

I noticed any filed change in app.json all not work, example: version, I need to change /ios/app/info.plist before it takes effect

  • My eas-cli version is 0.54.1.

Thanks again.

app.json is used for managed projects, for bare projects only values like slug/owner are used for anything and it’s your responsibility to update native code

you can run prebuild to apply changes from app.json to native code, but it will not always work and you might need to delete android/ios directory for some of them

I try run prebuild, It’s works.

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