App.json description field not taking effect

I just published my app after adding a “description” field to app.json (initialized by CRNA). On my app page (Expo), the description still shows the default text: “This project has no description, the author can add one by updating their app.json in the project’s directory.”

What else do I need to do for this change in app.json to take effect?

Is there a way for me view the published manifest in my browser? On my phone Expo app, the URL below my app name displays as “@lsiden” which is my Twitter handle! :wink:

I’m running expo 25.0.0. I generated my app with CRNA. I validated app.json with


I’m not sure why the title isn’t updating on your project page. Given what you’ve described I think it should.

The manifest depends on the client requesting it so you need to provide a list of SDK versions that the client supports and information about what platform you’re using. Here is an example manifest request for your project:,25.0.0&platform=ios

Tweak the querystring parameters as needed.

Thanks. I was able to view the published manifest with the link you gave me.

I’m not sure that the manifest would contain everything in app.json so that may not help explain why my description in app.json doesn’t show up on the web page.

In any case, this isn’t crucial. I want to release my app on the Android store next.

Thanks for your help.

I finally figured out what I did wrong. In app.json, everything is a property of “expo: {…}”.
But mine had something like

“expo”: {
sdkVersion: …
name: …
slug: …
description: …,


So it wasn’t seeing anything outside of the “expo” property. It’s a wonder it didn’t just reject it.

Also, docs should take care to warn users that “package” must be a valid Java package identifier like, com.myCompany.myApp, not “”. I got bit by that!

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Glad you figured it out!

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