App is in old version even though it is updated from Google Play Store

I have updated my existing app (written in native code) with the expo app (expo build:android as app bundle). After I have released the version in the Google Play Store (lets say 2.0.1) and it get on live without any problems. Even though I have updated my application from Play Store, when I open my application, my phone is still running the old version (lets say 1.5.2, the one which was written in the native code).

I have updated the app from the different devices (which also had the old version) and had the same issue.

After a day, when I opened the app (without releasing any updates or something) the new version of the app (2.0.1) was opened on my device.

Is there something I am missing so that some devices got the new version running on them and some has the old versions running on them?

PS: When I delete the app from the existing device and install again, the new version will be opened.

You can find my app.json config informations below.

	"expo": {
		"name": "ABC",
		"description": "ABC Description",
		"slug": "abc-abc-abc",
		"version": "2.0.2",
		"privacy": "unlisted",
		"sdkVersion": "39.0.0",
		"orientation": "portrait",
		"icon": "./assets/icon.png",
		"splash": {
			"image": "./assets/splash.png",
			"resizeMode": "contain"
		"updates": {
			"enabled": false
		"assetBundlePatterns": ["**/*"],
		"ios": {
			"bundleIdentifier": "com-abc-abc",
			"buildNumber": "2.0.2",
			"supportsTablet": true
		"android": {
			"package": "",
			"versionCode": 45,
			"adaptiveIcon": {
				"foregroundImage": "./assets/icon.png",
				"backgroundColor": "#ffffff"
			"permissions": ["WRITE_CALENDAR", "READ_CALENDAR"]

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