App ICON absent / splash screen pbs

I do not understand, I follow this doc Configuring a splash screen and app icon - Expo Documentation to have a custom icon for my app, I generate a private build to test : and once installed : my app has no icon at all or a classic green android picto. (last version 44) . is that normal ?

The splash screen add get some problems to get the app stable after all and if appears it is very quick.

Hey @productivix, can you let me know how you are building your binary? Also, please share how you’ve implemented your app icon configuration.


Hi @adamjnav , thank you for your interest.
I followed the tuto on Configuring a splash screen and app icon - Expo Documentation
I put the following image (1024x 1024 px) in assets dir

and generate an apk with eas build --profile preview , and no icon or a green Android head

Hi @productivix

Here are some more details on how to make an app icon that will work:

Could you elaborate on the splash screen problems?

Hi @productivix
I believe I’m having the same issue, for me also the name I put in app.json does not show (it appears to be the name of the project folder)
I found that by running “expo build:android -t apk” instead of the eas build everything worked. No ideia why…

Hi @tiagosan

I think I know what happened. You probably ran expo run:android or expo run:ios at some point.
That has the side effect of generating the native android and ios directories in your project, which effectively turns it into a bare workflow app. I avoid using expo run:* for this reason. expo run:* can be useful if you’re debugging build issues, or if you’re developing native code as part of your app, but for a normal managed workflow app it is not necessary to use expo run:*.

If you want to get back to a managed app, see the following:

The main thing is to delete the android and ios directories.

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Hi @wodin ,
Thank you very much man. It was like you said, I deleted those folders and now eas builds the apk with name and icons ok . Lost some hours trying to figure it out. Thanks!

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